Harmony And Sense Versus?

O my Master! I know this is incredible! The whole world’s system is set on the ‘Let It Go!’, but! The whole system is now bankrupt! More and more people are realizing it does not work! Even so?

The Leaders Are Now More Than Ever Before Intent In Making It Work …?

History repeating itself. It’s happening all over like it happened at the beginning. The blaming game. Anger. Rebelliousness. We have become our own gods, and declare:

Divine Self. The Universe. Unconditional Love …?

Master? What are You showing to me? Ha! The three words now household words mixed with the words ‘God’, Positive Thinking, and Your written words? The sure recipe for the predicted great falling away.

O My Master! This Is Not A Welcome Subject, I Fear, But! …

Despite my fears? You are still in control of it all. Those words encompass the Veneer Of Green Luscious Fields Your people is set on. You know it. What to do now, my Master?

“Fear Not! Do Exactly As You Been Doing—Write, Publish, And Optimize …

I am doing the rest no matter how it looks to you. This time? My people are responding to Me not to you. Remember, you are the product in My business not the owner of the business.”

Phew! What A Relief! No Need For My Concerns …

No need to concern myself with the likes or comments or followers. You have already told me it is beyond my imagination the multitude of souls You have reached with these writings You inspire to me.

On To My Task. Let You Do Your Task …

Tried. Purified. Refined. Chosen On High Seas. Peace. Power! Wisdom! Courage! Endure! The End? Saved! On lower seas. Sing! Rejoice! Aboard The Turquoise Rose Ship I’m sailing on!

Enjoy! Deploy!

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