Well? It Feels Good To Mind My Own Business …?

Master? You know I am sensing the need to respond in all situations with wisdom instead of emotional upheavals of any kind, but? I don’t know how to start

Alight! New Day. Ready To Start In Your Presence …?

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 5:25 am.

O my Master! What was the hold up to record the most important thoughts that I am to record right now? A hold up to demonstrate our human innate behavior.

Human Behavior? Beating A Dead Horse? …

That’s what we humans do. Instead of listening to You, my Master? We mount our own horses to do our own thing until the horse bolts us down. Then? We still don’t listen. We begin to beat the horse. O well! Go figure it.

Encouragement To My Baby Child …

Ha! O my baby? Your mom been beating a dead horse in hope to resuscitate it. Guess what? As soon as I quit beating the animal? It came ALIVE to my eye! What am I talking about?

The Update About Your Health That’s What I’ll Talk About …?

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 5:48 am.

It thrilled me big time to see the amazing progress of the Master’s work in your life, but! No more emotional upheaval and panicky reactions. The graphic animal is the thing to beat while I wait on the Master before I react nowadays.

Anyhow? Here Is The Scoop …?

Your symptoms? My exact ones. You been dabbling in the hereditary thing. You wonder about what you inherited from me? Your health condition period.

Let Me Share With You And With All What Has Been Revealed To Me About Our Health …

Our ill health has its source in one nasty hole in our gut. It’s called LEAKY GUT! Hooray! My hole? Esophageal hernia is labeled. Little did I know what that meant at the time the x-ray show it up.

What Was Done About? Aciphex At The Tune Of $100 Bucks A Month …

O man! If only I would have known! That hole was the portal to my blood system. Wow! We have come a long way by the power and design of our Master. What am I talking about?

TO EVERYTHING There Is A Season, And A Time For Every Matter Or Purpose Under Heaven:  …

No kidding. Ecclesiastes 3 tells it plainly, but? How do that apply to the moment we are living? As per it’s written. I have quoted before, now? More than just quoting it. Living it.

Indeed! The Promised Abundant Life Begins At Eighty For Me…

It’s a miracle. My health. My wealth? RESTORED! After a life of suffering the consequences of my ignorance about the root of my ill health, physical, mental, and spiritual health I am talking about.

And? It All Because Of That Hole …?

  • No kidding. Humor instead of anger. The open or close holes in our bodies and in our minds are the root of all our inharmonious circumstance in our lives.

Baby, I Refuse To Tell You What You Should Do But! …

My task? Write, Publish. Optimize. The Master Creator is doing the rest with all He inspires me to write. One thing He is inspiring to me to share right now?

All My Efforts To Alleviate My Suffering Only Made Things Worse …?

From the specialists to the human wisdom to the money factor? I went close to the point of death and the poverty line.

Encouragement. No Fooling. You Know All About Your Mom’s History …?

I cannot for the life of me tell you what you should do, but! To share with you the bounty in my present life? That I am compelled to do!

You Know How I Talk With Innuendos, So Ask If You May …

Here is the legal explanation of the word ‘Innuendo’:

  • a. an explanation of the construction put upon words alleged to be defamatory where the defamatory meaning is not apparent
  • b. the words thus explained

Lov, mom.

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