Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

But right from day one the little eagle didn’t fit into the barnyard scene even though that was all he had ever known.

All he was sure of was somewhere deep inside something was telling him, “This isn’t home”. The farmer kept his wings clipped in hopes he would become a pet so unable to fly he set it on a post in the barnyard looking up into the sky.

His body confined to the earth his heart in the heavens. He didn’t know why nor he could understand his feelings, but he knew there that something deep within him that wanted to be free.

As time went by the farmer forgot to clip the eagle’s wings and one-day as the eagle set on his post looking upward a great gust of wind caught him under his wings and he was lifted from his perch.

With a scream of victory and freedom he left the barnyard seen forever and soared into the heavens to meet his own kind.

Isa.40: 31, I loved this story and saw how it related to all we have experienced and are experiencing in our walk with the Lord. Eagles here are symbolic of certain Christians. The “mount up” process is important and necessary for those who are called to go higher, Philp.3:14. To those who are willing to wait in His presence, Ps.27:14; Ps.37:34; Ps.62:5; Rom.8:25.

Not everyone who enjoys God’s blessings, grace will want to destroy the idols of this world that have been set in the temple of their hearts. Nor will they want to pay the price to soar with the Father. Only those who know they have been called to a higher calling will want to consider this.

Chickens are earthbound, they keep their eyes on the things of this world, Jam.4:4; 1Jh.2:15-16. They scratch out an existence and never lift their heads to look any higher then where they are.

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