Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

They scratch in the dirt, eat whatever is thrown to them and search greedily in their crowed barnyards for more to fill their bellies, much of it unclean. By nature chickens are an unclean bird, they are bound to their existence and are satisfied with it.

But not the eagle, he has an inherited nature that will not survive confinement. To fulfill his purpose in life he must be free to soar the heavens. It may look lonely up there because not many will dare to rise to such heights. But the eagle doesn’t care; it’s not in his nature to need the approval of the majority. Deut.32:11;

Its time for these “willing eagles” to soar and our “Mother”, the Holy Spirit, is the one who will make our nest very uncomfortable. Just like the mother eagle that tears up the soft bed of her little one and breaks the twigs so that the jagged ends stick him. In short his life becomes miserable in the place he was once comfortable and safe.

Are “Heavenly Parents”, do much the same things in our lives in order to get us to do what is best for us, thus fulfilling our purpose for being here or should I say, fulfilling the will and purpose of our Father. 1Cor.13:11; Gal.4:1-2; Heb.5:12-6:2;

Has your place in the Father, the place that once met the needs in your life now seem rough, tight or uncomfortable?

Don’t worry; your Father is just getting you ready to be pushed off a cliff and into new heights.

Are the jagged edges of that which was once such a comfort to you now starting to prick you?

Maybe you have even asked if you were in the Fathers will. Well, wonder no more, accept it in faith, because a great work is about to come forth in your life and it’s not the Father’s wrath it’s His love and wisdom, making you willing to take the next big step, off that cliff.

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