Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

By nature we love security so God has to make us sick of our “nest”, so that we will willingly let Him take us on our spiritual journey.

Unfortunately some do not want to leave the nest. When the little eagle rebels the mother eagle starts to beat her wings and the wings that once protected him from danger have now become his enemy.

To escape this danger the little eagle climbs onto her back and now wherever she goes, he will go. He holds on for dear life as his mother soars higher and higher when suddenly without warning she dives out from under him.

He screams and falls; instinctively his wings stretch out to try to catch the air but try as he must he feels like all hope is gone, then out of no where mother eagle swoops under him and carries him up on her wings. Ps.139:10; Josh1:5.;

But just as the little eagle feels safe once more the bottom falls out from under him and the process starts all over again, until he finely learns to soar.

Sometimes the flutter of our Fathers wings makes us think He is going to beat us to death but the bible says if we do not receive correction we are not His sons, Heb.12:5-8.

When we are willing He takes us to great heights. Then sometimes when everything seems wonderful the bottom suddenly drops out from under us again and we wonder Father where are you? But just who do you think that is holding you up and restoring your strength?

Only to find out this process may start all over again as we grow, until we come into that fullness He has prepared for us, the place where we learn to soar in the Father. Eph.4:13-16

When a baby eagle flat refuses to learn after all of his mother’s attempts to teach him she takes him high into the heavens and lets him fall to his death as she screeches in pain, knowing he must either fly or die on the rocks below.

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