Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

In the kingdom there are those who flat refuse to grow, Jer.10:2; Matt.11:29-30. They resent the furnace of affliction and its purifying fire, Isa.48:10; Pro.17:3; Heb.12:29, they love the safety of the nest but hate the discipline.

But God is always patient, 1Cor.13:4-8; Jam.5:7; 2Thes.3:5, and long-suffering. He works with them, giving them chance after chance. Until He finely let’s them fall to the rocks of religion, worldly desires, or home to save their souls, Isa.57:1-2.

If Jesus had to learn through what He suffered then so will all of us, Heb.5:8. We have seen some of these great ministries come in, soar and then crash.

This does not lessen the true revelations they received or the gifts they walked in. But the word says Lk.9:62, it would have been better for them if they had stayed with the chickens in the safety of the barnyard.

God’s tests are carefully designed to show us what is in our hearts and to bring our rebellion to the surface to be dealt with. Heb.4:12; Jer.17:9-10;.

God’s chosen are coming through these fires. I loved what Isaiah said when he saw his heart, Isa.6:5. End of quote.

Wow! Now Is The Time For The Material To Decrease. For The Spiritual To Increase …?

Monday, October 14, 2019 at 8:43 am.

Master? My heart is heavy. Peace. Power! Wisdom! Courage! Endurance? It’s a heavy subject. Even so? You are carrying the weight for me. Don’t let me ever forget it. Don’t let me ever  think that I am anything on my own.

I Am Going On Propelled By Your Power Of Love And Wisdom …

Monday, October 14, 2019 at 3:15 pm.

Master? I can’t overcome this heaviness in my soul because the statement I read, something like, “I am love. When I enter a room? Love covers that room.”

I Fear The Repercussions From Such Statement …

I am?  Mercy my Father. Only You are. In essence to state “I am love” we are setting ourselves in Your Place. We are usurping Your Authority.

Have Mercy. O My Master! I Refuse To Doubt You …

The fear of rejection is driving Your children to this insane attempt to take Your place, and? You knew it all along. Yet You promised to bring us back. I wait on Your mercy.

New Life Really Began On 2017, But!

Monday, October 14, 2019 at 11:28 pm.

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