Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

What is the connection between free and counting the cost? What does it mean to count the cost? To count the cost means to count what is the cost of whatever given for free or without money payment, but!

O My Master! You Are Opening My Eyes To See That Nothing Is Really Free …?

Even our salvation is by no means a freebie. In fact? Our salvation has the highest price tag in this world despite all the fanfare about grace and unconditional love.

The Unbiased Truth: What Is Our Salvation Cost? Our Present Worldly Lifestyle …?

Honestly? I never realized this matter before. Even so? This matter is not news. I have heard it before. The only confusing matter to me is that many of the ones preaching the matter to me in the past do not live it themselves now.

Even So? Despite What I See You Have The Perfect Number Who Are Living It And?…

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 9:49 am.

You have blessed me with their testimony. Those are the instruments You have used to bring me to where I am now. Like them? I have not bowed my knees to kiss the glory of a worldly life.

A Worldly Life? Not Necessarily A Sinful Life …?

That’s what has made it so confusing until now that You are revealing these matters to me. It’s been devastating for me to see the ones that once quietly and humbly helped me are now in the lime-light and no longer have any time for me.

Ha! The Matter Is Clear Now. It’s No Longer Confusing To Me, Why? …

O my Master! Because You are now unraveling these matters to me. Every single incident in the human’s life happens to fulfill the Scriptures.

The Rejection In Mathew 10. The Great Fallen Away In 2 Thessalonians 2. The dreadful end for the self-righteous in Matthew 7? …

Must Be Fulfilled. Even so? There is hope. O my Master! You are now revealing to me, it’s all written for examples for us now to avoid the final judgement.

Wow! What A Revelation! It Dispelled All My Fears’ Spell …?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 3:20 pm.

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