Why My Thirty Some Years Testimonial Journal …

O my Master! Moment by moment You make Yourself real to me. It came to me to illustrate how You have dispelled all my fears, so? Been looking for words You inspired to me before on the matter to no avail.

Frustrating! On Top Of That? Ahmad Not Answering My Calls …?

As usual? I gave up. I went to bed to try to sleep. I called on You. Sure enough. Within minutes my phone rang. Ahmad on the line.

  • “My father is seriously ill. My brothers and me been with him. He does not want to go to the hospital. The wife taking care of him, no time to cook.”
  • Me? “No problem Ahmad! I understand. I’m OK. Don’t worry about me. Take care of your father.”

All Fears And Frustrations? Gone! Then? …

It came to me where to look for the words I been looking for to no avail. I got up. Turned the computer on. Went straight where it came to me to look.

Wow! You Are Faithful To Your Promise To Reveal Yourself To Me …

And so? The rejection in Mathew 10. The great fallen away in 2 Thessalonians 2. The dreadful end for the self-righteous in Matthew 7 have been three fears that troubled me until now.

Those Scriptures Must Be Fulfilled. Even So? There Is Hope.

O my Master! Yes! It’s all Happening now as it’s written to fulfill those words, but! Behold! You Power Of Love despite our rebellious doings.

No Matter What? The Power Of Your Love And Unfathomable Wisdom? It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

Behold! The Plan Of Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation!? To be loved to love in return. Loved to love.

This Day You Revealed Yourself To Me To Dispel All Fears By Your Power Of Your Love And Wisdom …

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 9:59 pm.

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