I’m Eighty But I Sure Don’t Feel My Age …?

I Feel Ageless, But! I Weight Out My Pitiful Stand Among The Young And Strong.

Seniors? Far From The Fountain Of Wisdom We Are To Be Among The Throng.

It’s more of a mud hole that we are among the throng of the young and strong. The seniors’ problem is a sore ashore the sandy beaches of the rich and famous as well as the regular ambitious human to become one of them.

What To Do With Mom And Dad? …

More or less the children take care of mom and dad. They feed, they cloth, they take care of all mom and dad’s physical deficiencies, but! Glean from their wisdom? No time to glean. All time to clean!

Well? At 6:xx Am I Wake Up. Is It Morning Or Night I Don’t See Any Light …?

Get up! Do your thing. Check the inbox for response to the post. What? Two people only responded? But why am I disappointed? Mercy! I’m still hook on human expectations bound to bring me down. Even so?

My Mind Bounces To My Age. I’m Eighty But I Sure Don’t Feel My Age …?

I feel ageless. I go on to think about the many seniors of my acquaintance. I weight out our pitiful stand among the young and strong. Far we are from the fountain of wisdom we could be among the throng.

What Happened, My Master? How Are We In Such Stand In The Land …?

We have become a puddle of mud far from even the resemble of the immensity of Your wisdom You have invested unto us throughout our many years. Heavy thought.

O My Master! What’s Your Purpose For My Waking Up With This Heavy Issue In My Mind …?

Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 8:26 am.

No doubt. There is a lesson You aim to teach me today. I need to tune my ear to Your teaching. I need to reflect on the matter while I take care of my chores this morning.

Alright! Cain Came To Mind …?

What was wrong with Cain’s best? The same thing that is still wrong with my best, it was not what was ordered. How is about if I order apples but I get beautiful fancy oranges instead?

I Get It, My Master! On To Read The Story Of Cain Again …

This time I shall read under Your tutelage—the only way I am now assimilating the true meaning of my life’s history recorded in all written tales from the beginning of our time here on earth.

Genesis 4:3-16


  1. I just changed the graphic. Looking for , “That’s good, Basilia! that’s harmony!” And I swell up! Only to deflate quicker than I inflate with my next colorful masterpiece! Hahaha! What a life!

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