Three Major Issues We Must Face:

I need to take a break. Perhaps sleep? I wait on You. O my Master! It’s 6:18 pm. I can’t sleep. I am not hungry. I have dismantled the table. Need to move the fridge, all things are scattered. The paint from the ceiling falling on it all, and? No sign of help. But I am at peace. I’ll keep waiting on You.

Perhaps Waiting With Patience And Composure Is The Lesson You Are Teaching Me?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 12:38 am.

Master! O my Master Yahushua, You have made Yourself real to me exactly at midnight. Amazing! I woke up. Almost midnight. Not a sound or sign from Ahmad or family. Peace. No panic. No anger.

Midnight! Yahushua! This Time? In My Inbox …?

Godinterest Magazine The email been coming for several weeks now. Did not know how or why because I don’t remember visiting or subscribing to that magazine. I read their articles, but! This time?

I Wrote It All In A Comment, Quote:

Indeed! He is my portion. He is my life. He always makes Himself real to me. I live alone. No one to distract me with empty worldly talk. I bring all my troubles and my advances to Him at all times. He is with me not just in my imagination but for real and for all practical purposes.

This moment? It’s midnight. Things look bleak. In need of a human hand to help me with major problem in my apartment, but! No help came. I waited on Him. I asked to help me to wait with patience and composure. I know He has a reason for every minute detail of my daily living in His Presence. I asked for sleep while I waited. He gave me sleep for 3 hours. In waking up, still no help or news from the people that is supposed to take care of me.

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