Three Major Issues We Must Face:

Amazing. Ahmad came and went. He is ill big time. I confessed how my anger was towards You, my Master—a sin against You that had caused me all my illnesses.

I Confessed Your Conviction. My Repentance, And Your Restoration …

I informed him that his anger towards You was the cause of his illness. He did not like to hear that. He kept complaining about his hurt. At my pleading to lay down to listen, he refused. He left accusing me of anger.

Ha! The Lesson? Recognize The Blame Game. Be Still. Let Go. …

I started to write him a message of retaliation, but! I heard, “Be still. Let go.” Hands off immediately! Don’t write. Don’t call. Be still. Let go. You are in control of it all!

I Thank You For Your Undeniable Presence In My Life …

Thanks for the moments that You have prepared for my success. I thank You for letting me know that You are ready and willing to fulfill every dream and desire You have placed within my heart!

And? My Greatest Thanks. Thanks For Making Yourself Real To Me At Every Turn Of The Way …

You have restored to me the joy of Your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit. Now? Your restoration to me will teach transgressors Your ways, and Sinners shall be converted and return to You …

11:07 am sleep. 2:40 pm

6:14 pm sleep? Visit

9 pm end visit

11:12 pm sleep

Woke Up Around 3:31 Am. My Face Is Lit Up With A Healthy Smile, Why? …

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 3:45 am.

O my Beloved Master! But You are the best of the best! Talking about stupid people? Of sinners I am chief, but! I don’t hesitate to shout to this highly educated Ahmad, “You stupid!” His response? “Thank you, Basilia. Thank you, Basilia.” “But you are! You want me to repeat it?” “No thank you, Basilia. No thank you, Basilia.” And?

I Continue On With My Endless Examples To Witness To Him To No Avail For What It Seems …?

Yesterday? It turned out into a hilarious day for me. But for Ahmad? A horror of a day. What happened? It’s been happening since Monday, November 4, 2019 when Ahmad cut his visit with me in the middle of a sentence.

Anger Got A Hold Of My Heart, But! All In Your Plan For Us, My Master! …

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 4:29 am.

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