Three Major Issues We Must Face:

Honest to goodness! I don’t belong to myself anymore. You are proving that fact to me every step of the way. That’s what it’s written in this post. Anyhow?

Why My Day Turned Out Hilarious? …

Well? After Ahmad’s unexpected visit in the morning I did not expect to hear from him for a few days again. Surprise! Around 6 pm I was laying in bed hoping to sleep to ease up my trips to the toilet. Suddenly! Ahmad comes in with a load in his hand. How did I greet him? “I need to run to the toilet!” He stepped out of the way to make room for my run.

Master! You Are Cleansing My Mind And My Body …

So? Yesterday I finally got enough nerve to take my dose of Castor oil, and? O the joy of the affair! I spent my day working on the graphics and running to the toilet.

But O Moments That You Have Prepared For My Success …

Ahmad respectfully walks out to the roof while I take care of my toilet duty. Finished. Washed my hands. Back to my chair. Ahmad steps back in the apartment. He proceeds to set up the makluba. I am looking at him. “You looking good. Are you well now?” He kind of smirks in response. I’m bubbling with joy inside of me. I keep quiet.

Again, Our Stupidity Came To The Surface …

O my Master! Your Presence was so real between us! We had a wonderful visit. He left in great spirit. I went back to my graphics.

When Did My Face Lit Up With A Smile …?

When I woke up. I checked my inbox. There is Godinterest Magazine again! This time? A graphic for a headline to make sure I would lit up with smile!

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