Three Major Issues We Must Face:

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O My Master! You Done Wise Us Up To Your Loving Ways …

No more calling stupid to Ahmad! I think? But humor instead of anger remains my ordained motto. So? No stupid people beyond this point will quicken my “You stupid!” to prevent our stupidity beyond this point of our lives in Your Presence.

The Devil Doesn’t Stand A Chance To Seduce Us Any Longer, That’s For Sure!

O my Master! You have exposed and disposed the sinful anger towards You in our hearts and minds. We are now ready to receive all that You have in store for us.

Such Is The Joyful End Of This Tale Or Is It? …

Well? This tale of my thriving life in Your Presence O my Master does not really end. Is a tale set for eternity. So? You are setting me for a whole new approach to reach the heart and mind of Your children.

What Is My Tendency Every Time You Bring Me Up Towards You? …

Of course! It’s such an amazing happening in my life that I tend to set myself in charge of the situation. A few minutes ago I was thinking to call my professional daughter Diana for an evaluation of my skills, but!

Immediately It Came To Me, I Am Looking For Man’s Approval. Whatever For? ….

Wow! Just as quick I lifted my voice up to You, I refuse to seek man’s approval. You approve me. That’s all I need.

Thus, You Take Care Of All My Mento-Manias …

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 9:32 am

No need to fret about my ‘Bipolar’ label. It’s now of non-effect. I’ll quit looking here and yonder for whatever my flesh considers fonder.

Back To My Task. No Turning Back …

Write. Publish. Optimize. You are doing the rest better than the most brilliant of marketeers! I will post this matter now along with the post I started to post a couple of days ago.

Two For One. Master? This Posting And Blogging Thing …?

It’s becoming to be lots of fun for me. I know this is contagious. More and more new followers are already contaminated with my fun to blog and post overlooking the likes or lack of them. Amen!

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