The Ordeal Of The Last Few Days? Gruesome!

Tried, Smelted, And Refined In The Furnace Of Affliction This Time. Simply Painful …

  • Wasted My Life Harboring Resentments. Cleansing It All From My Mind And Soul. Simply Painful …
  • Thriving I Am Both My Spiritual Life And The Coughing And Sneezing! Hahaha! HaleluYah! …
  • That’s This World’s Reality—A Hype!

The Results Of The Whole Ordeal? In The Colors Of This Arrangement:

Colors Meaning Summary

  • Green combination of blue peace and yellow grace.
  • Green stands for fruitful intimacy with Yahushua.
  • Neon green electric—blue peace and electric yellow: grace combine to electrify and empower us with his ability to become intimate and fruitful for Yahushua.
  • The powerful miracles that occur here in the atmosphere of electrical intimacy and supernatural peace with that revelation.
  • The miracle that happens when the Almighty Creator finds a conduit in this earth that allows him freedom in this arena.
  • It is brighter than a neon light! It happens in a dark place, but changes everything and invites more conduits to happen.
  • Aqua or turquoise or teal (blue green) includes attributes of blue and green: the love of the bridegroom for his bride.
  • Dark purple includes attributes of black and purple
  • Purple is steadfast love with the king of kings: unity—royalty—power of authority—discernment to remove the poisonous trash from people and implant the heavenly provision instead.

O My Master! I Continue In Awe Of Your Doings …

That summary is a detailed confirmation of all you have been revealing to me. Beginning with The Church of Philadelphia –the only Church without blemish. You appointed me to that Church at the end of 2009. Quote:

…. “Yet My child—My beloved Thia you have continued to serve and obey Me even when it was out of your understanding for you had no knowledge of My ways.

“And even now when you have no proof whatsoever of the position that you are holding in My Kingdom you continue in My service totally submitted to My Being! Not many are privileged with such strength—My strength. And you are entitled to My blessing to the assembly of Philadelphia.

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