The Ordeal Of The Last Few Days? Gruesome!

Even so? Man pretends to be in the knowledge of You. Based on such pretension the great fallen away is taking place nowadays.

  • Euphoria and corruption march hand in hand away from You because man does not know You.

No Matter! Your Faithfulness To Your Words Of Mercy, Power Of Love And Wisdom Shall Prevail! …

O what a Mighty Yah You are! I cannot pretend for one second that I know You. Psalms 91 tells me that I know and understand Your name—have personal knowledge of Your mercy, love and kindness; trust and rely on You. I know You will never forsake me, no, never!

And You Promised To Answer When I Call Upon You …

And You promised to be with me when I am in trouble, You promised to deliver me and honor me. You promised a long eternal life to satisfy me, and show me—reveal to me Your salvation even Yahushua my Messiah! But!

You Did Not Promise To Show Me Your Face …

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 9:35 pm.

Ha! I just now realized that fact. No one can see or know You. How we get to know someone? When we look at their face! Maybe others realize this matter but it’s news to me.

Perhaps News In The Sense That I Never Really Pay Mind To It, Why? …

Well? So many of my former teachers gave me their version about You and Your Word. I believed them. I went along with all those teachers and teachings until You, O my Master severed me from them all.

What’s Happening Now With My Relationship With Them All? I Don’t Know But!…

You do. I sense either rejection or competition between them and myself. I don’t even know which side am I on? Ha! So that’s why Your instructions to keep to myself.

Even So? I Am Human. The Urge To Share Your Doings Gets To Me Sometimes …

Before I know I’m on the phone sharing only to be disappointed. For the most? Even my children and my closest friends have had enough of my ‘sharing’ and, when I call? No more time for my drag on ‘sharing’!

Ha! I Just Realized I Have No More Desire To Retaliate …?

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 10:15 pm.

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