The Ordeal Of The Last Few Days? Gruesome!

Wow! I don’t even want to retaliate when Ahmad surprises me with his lack of understanding. My immediate human reaction is to retaliate with a remark like, “Live your life! I’ll live mine!” but then?

Reason. Wisdom. Your Reasoning. Your Wisdom, O My Master …?

Need to break. Need to enjoy the moment. 10:41 pm. It’s now 11:08 pm. A short break. Things clicked together in the blink of an eye on this short break. All my posting dilemmas resolved! Wow!

Clear Instruction On What To Do …?

Writing all details of Your work in my life has turned out into a lengthier essay than ever before. Been working on the post, ‘Our Splendid Future. Anger Defined From The Beginning. Both Coming To Light Now …?’

  • A long, long post. Overwhelmed I have refrained from publishing it.
  • Following that post been working on the post to follow it, ‘The Ordeal Of The Last Few Days? Gruesome!’
  • At the same time, the graphic to illustrate the results of the ordeal.
  • Pain and misery have not stopped me from frantically working on those three projects.

Never In A Million Years Would Have Imagined All Things To Come Together As I Lost All Desire To Retaliate …

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 11:53 pm.

But that’s exactly what happened. O my Master! This is the end of one of the most spiritual progressive days in my journey in Your Presence.

What To Do? First Thing, Compile A Short Post About The Results Of The Ordeal In The Colors Of The Graphic.

Make that post to announce the book with all the details of My work in you during this month of November 2019. Post. Then work on the compiling and formatting of the book.

Sleep Sunday, November 24, 2019 at 12:38 am. To Sunday, November 24, 2019 at  2:29 am.

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