The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

In fact, at the time of his wife’s death, Thia was still working for one of Mr. Coo’s competitors and she had no intentions to go and offer any condolences to Mr. Coo at all.

But a common friend of Thia and Mr. Coo insisted that Thia should go, and Thia went. Because, at that time Thia was intoxicated most of the time, and Thia did things just to keep her from doing nothing.

Shortly after Mr. Coo’s wife was buried Thia had quit all her jobs, the one at Mr. Coo’s competitor and the one at the fabric store. And since she felt rejected by the Real Estate industry, she was on her way to Vegas—to the land of shattered fortunes and dreams.

But Thia was determined to make her own way. Yes, her car was packed and she was on her way to Vegas. Yet, I guess like a zombie she went to give her condolences to Mr. Coo, and she wound up giving a date to Mr. Coo.

Well, that date set her trip back for about a week or two for Mr.  Coo took a liking to Thia and felt sorry for her. And the day when Thia decided to take off, Mr. Coo begged her not to go, but she had made up her mind, and she took off anyhow. For she was determined to rebuild her own life without anybody’s help, most specially without the help from a man.

Even though she didn’t want his help, Mr. Coo offered it and he told her to call him during her trip and let him know how she was getting along.

On her way to Vegas she stopped to visit her first Bible teacher, Jean, whom she had known and trusted for several years. Jean tried desperately to stop Thia from going to Vegas, even reminding Thia what the Bible says about follies and such. But in this period of her life, almost a whole year during which period she have been intoxicated most of the time, it did not occur to Thia that Almighty Yahuwah was not with her.