The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

As far as Thia was concerned Almighty Yahuwah was closer to her than He was to most regular Christians, and she felt justified following her own inclinations for she did not trust any Christian, except for Jean. In spite of Thia’s condition, Jean did not give up on Thia. She was unable to convince Thia about the trouble ahead, but she did not reject Thia, nor did she quit showing love and friendship for her.

Regardless of Jean’s objections Thia continued on her journey though. She stopped to call Mr. Coo in Houston, and after she talked to him, and learned that he really wanted her to come back, she felt somehow weak about continuing the trip. So, she went in the lounge of the hotel from where she had made the call to Mr. Coo and she had one drink.

She finished that one drink and with doubtful feelings she got in the car and started on her way again only to take the wrong route. On top of that the highway patrol stopped her because she was speeding and wobbling. They accused her of drinking and searched her car for the alcohol. She was not totally innocent, but, “My goodness!” she said, “I am not carrying alcohol in the car!” (not  this time anyhow).

Thia was horribly embarrassed for they took her in to take the alcohol test! Fortunately, she passed the test and did not go to jail. “Oh the beasts!” she thought to herself, “Why don’t they go to do some kind of useful work like defending the battered woman and the abused children instead of relishing their wicked selves and harassing poor souls like me!” For Thia was still ignorant of the Holy Scriptures. She did not know the Scriptures written by the apostle Peter under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which say,

For Almighty Yahuwah’s sake, OBEY every law of your government: those of the king as head of the state, 14 and those of the king’s officers, for he has sent them to PUNISH ALL who do wrong, and to honor those who do right. I Peter 2:13,14. (LBV)

So, grumbling and complaining against the patrolmen she continued on with renewed determination and by night fall she arrived at what she thought to be Vegas, Nevada, her destination. But, to her utter consternation she had arrived at Vegas, New Mexico!