The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

It was late at night when she arrived at Vegas, New Mexico, so, she found a place to park and slept in her car. The next day she took off again and finally made it to Vegas, Nevada. By this time she was scared, discouraged and flat broke. In her despair, she called Mr. Coo and asked him to lend her some money to come back  to New Orleans. Immediately, Mr. Coo wired the necessary money for Thia to come back.

Thia picked up the money at the Western Union station and then she decided to check in at a hotel to freshen up, catch up with some sleep. She figured that she could then start on the way back the following day.

But once she was settled in the hotel, she figured that as long as she was there, she might as well do what she came there to do anyhow, and that was, to look for a job in the casinos.

Thia figured she could investigate the job market, perhaps secure a job, go back to New Orleans and pack things up, and then come back to live in Vegas to make piles of money.

Almighty Yahuwah, in His infinite mercy, provided two young men who were staying at the hotel, for Thia to be escorted in the hunt for a job. That night they went from casino to casino. These young men wise Thia up on things to watch out for. “Prostitution is legal in this part of town and it is common for black pimps to solicit white woman.” They informed Thia. It was appalling to her, but she had re-determined to hunt for a job, so the hunt continued.

They found out that you have to join the union in order to work in most casinos. So, Thia decided to get all the information about the union and find out what would cost to join it. She figured she could do all of that early in the morning the very next day and start out to New Orleans in the afternoon. She filled up her car with gasoline. And they all returned to the hotel and retired to their respective rooms.