The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

Early in the morning the next day she loaded her car. The young men drew her a map to hunt for the Union building. She gave them a ride to their work, and she started out on her way to the Union office. It was too early for any offices to be opened. She decided to go in one of the casinos to eat breakfast and wait for the offices to open.

On her way to the food counter she figured that there was no harm in playing $5.00 in the slot machine. “Perhaps I could win some money to pay Mr. Coo for the loan.” She thought as she stuck a quarter in one of the machines.

Automatically, she stuck another quarter. The machine fed her back a few quarters. She stuck those quarters back. The machine gave her a good win.

So, she began to stick one quarter after another, and another, and another, and another, and another, ‘till, there was not even one more quarter left.

That was some thirteen hours later after she had won and lost better than $1000.00 including every penny that Mr. Coo had kindly wired her for her return to New Orleans!

As Thia relates her story she says, “There was another lady next to me doing the same thing which I was doing. There was a continual pulling of that handle without ceasing.

“We never took a break. I never ate breakfast, or lunch, or supper. My hands were sore from all that pulling and black from the dirt in the handle.

“Never once did I think about the time, in fact I didn’t think of anything at all. I was fascinated with that machine. The ringing of all those quarters in every win was like a charm that hypnotized me into a compulsion that I had never experienced before.