The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

“It was then when I saw the change in my cup holder by the driver’s seat. I scooped it all up and counted it. All of a sudden, I perked up a bit for I had 98 cents! I was not completely broke, after all. `Miracle of miracles!’ I thought, `Almighty Yahuwah must still be with me. I can make it!’

“I started the car and began to drive away. But just before I got out of the parking lot there was a black man waving his hand. I thought that he was some kind of parking lot attendant or a valet or something like that. Therefore, I stopped.

“The man came over to my car, and I rolled down my window to find out what was the matter. The man bend over to my car window and said, `Are you going to your hotel, sugar?’

“Quickly I remembered how those two young men had warned me about black pimps, so, I rolled up my window and sped up my car. My heart began to beat fast, I remembered everything and forgot everything at the same time!

“It was a vivid recollection of how I felt in 1974 right before I woke up from that 3-day Terrazin trip in which I had embarked at the time they committed me to the mental ward when I had the mental breakdown.

“It was a vivid recollection of how I felt then when I ran to my Heavenly Father and said, `I don’t ever want to be separated from You again.’ And at that moment I became aware of what it was that I had run from scared stiff out of my bones in my visions of 1974.

“It was at that moment when I found out the awfulness which I couldn’t remember when I woke up from that awful Terrazin trip in 1974. It was such awfulness which I had given up even trying to think about any longer.