The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

“I sped out of the parking lot and I drove like crazy. Then, gradually, I slowed down and began to regain some composure. I figured, `Late as it is I better find me a place where I can rest.’

“And as I tried to figure out where to go or where to stay I realized that I hardly had enough money to pay for a hotel, `Ninety eight cents!’ I sighed.

“Sleeping in the car was not new to me but now, I was scared out of my wits! I remembered the two young men at the hotel, but I was lost and had no idea how to get to the hotel.

“And from the depth of my being I uttered a prayer, `Oh Almighty Yahuwah, let me find that hotel! And let me remember what was the room number for those two young men. I have no other alternative but those two, Oh my Almighty Yahuwah!’

“As I uttered that prayer, I turned the corner and there, sticking right up above the other signs, was the sign for the hotel. I cried.

I drove in the hotel’s parking lot. I went straight to the young men’s room. I knocked on the door.

The young men were already asleep, but they woke up, and urged me to come in. `Don’t worry,’ they said. `It happens to most everybody that comes to Vegas in search of fortune. We are stuck, too, we had to hack our car and that’s why we are working to redeem it. But we have learned our lesson, as soon as we can redeem the car we are getting out of here. There is plenty work here, you are going to be alright.’

“`I believe so,’ I said, `but the first thing that I am going to do tomorrow is to go to that Church I saw in the Strip. I know that I must get to a Church before I do anything else.’