The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

“`I need to call Mr. Coo,’ I said, `but there is no way that I am going to ask him for any more money, I’ll die first!’ I picked up the phone, and I dialed Mr. Coo’s number.

“`I am coming back towards the end of the week, I ran into some problems and I am staying a little longer.’ I said with a quick tone of voice to Mr. Coo.

“`What happened with the money I sent you? Never mind! Don’t tell me!’ He said like a wise old owl. Then after a pause he shouted at me, `I would like to send you some more money; but, I want you to get your butt right out of there now! not later. Do you have any money left to get out of there?’

“`For an answer I said `Just a minute, hold on for a minute. And I whispered to the young lady, `Where is the next big town on the way to New Orleans?’ Quickly, she consulted a map in the wall.

`Phoenix,’ she whispered back. `How far?’ I whispered again, trying to figure out how far my tank full of gas would carry me.

`About 300 miles,’ she whispered.

“And back on the phone I said to Mr. Coo, `Yeah, I can get out of here right now. I have a tank full of gas and I can get as far as Phoenix.’ But I was unaware that I was giving myself out.

“Almighty Yahuwah Almighty! A tank full of gas! You lost all the money,’ he said with resignation. Then he said, `As soon as you get to Phoenix, call me. Make sure that you get out of there right away, you understand me?’

“I hung up the phone and the young lady was already opening a cash box.  She handed me $27.00 and a box of Kleenex.  I said,