The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

`Almighty Yahuwah bless you.’ And walked to my car. I sat behind the steering wheel once again but this time I wasn’t numb in my mind or emotions; but, once again I wanted to run and run fast like I did in my visions. I wanted to take refuge right into my Heavenly Father’s arms.

“I cried, and cried, and cried all the way from that spot in Vegas, Nevada, to New Orleans, Louisiana. If there ever was a time that I wished for wings this was that time.

“Only problem was that instead of running to my Heavenly Father I was running to Mr. Coo. For the Scriptures read,

‘So don’t be afraid, O Jacob my servant; don’t be dismayed, O Israel; for I will bring you home again from distant lands, and your children from their exile. They shall have rest and quiet in their own land, and no one shall make them afraid. For I am with you and I will save you, says Almighty Yahuwah. Even if I utterly destroy the nations where I scatter you, I WILL NOT EXTERMINATE YOU; I WILL PUNISH YOU, YES- YOU WILL  NOT GO UNPUNISHED. Jeremiah 30:10-11′ (LBV. My own capitalizing.)

“But I didn’t know the Scriptures. Anyhow by the time I arrived at New Orleans I had died a thousand deaths and I had made just as many resolutions.

“At one point in the road I got lost and wound up in a desert road. It was a rainy and dreary day and I had no idea of where I was or how to get out of there.

“I kept driving though I was scared out of my wits and with only the vultures for company. There was not a single soul driving on that dessert road for miles and miles.