The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

“For Almighty Yahuwah was not interested in making my flesh good under the dictates of my carnal self. Almighty Yahuwah’s sole and only interest was in making me realize that I was no good and to cause me to lift up my eyes to Him and see and receive Yahushua Messiah by faith.

“By faith means to trust in Almighty Yahuwah and His Word made flesh in Yahushua Messiah which is Almighty Yahuwah’s merciful provision to free us from our wicked carnal self.

“Almighty Yahuwah’s purpose was to convict me and bring me to accept the fact that He did the work of crucifixion or ending the life of my flesh on the cross in Yahushua Messiah. To that end I suffered the punishment so deserved because of my pride and stubborn UNBELIEF.

“That trip to Vegas was indeed the heavenly whipping that caught my attention. But it was not until the morning of the twentieth day of June in 1985 when Almighty Yahuwah touched me and began to break my stubborn ways to restore me into His kingdom. It was then when I began to receive and to hear, to perceive and to heed the voice of my Almighty Yahuwah.

“Nevertheless, this was so after much tribulation. For I did not go unpunished because of the greatness of my pride and stubbornness. And as it is written we must suffer the consequences of our sins. But my true deliverance was on the way, for so it was written.

“But I did not know what was written and during the first two weeks of October of 1985 I began to suffer the destruction and loss which I had to suffer. But it is written,

  • But in that coming day, all who are destroying you shall be destroyed, and all your enemies shall be slaves. Those who rob you shall be robbed; and those attacking you shall be attacked. I will give you back your health again and heal your wounds. Now you are called “The Outcast” and “Jerusalem, the Place Nobody Wants” But, says Almighty Yahuwah, when I bring you home again from your captivity and restore your fortunes, Jerusalem will be rebuilt upon her ruins; the palace will be reconstructed as it was before. The cities will be filled with joy and great thanksgiving, and I will multiply my people and make of them a great and honored nation. Jeremiah 30:16-19 (LBV.)

“I was to suffer a child of Almighty Yahuwah’s agony in the grip of Satan. That suffering was to be the beginning of my end and it began on October 13, 1985 when I lost my mind for the second time. But also, I was to experience the love of a loving Father that never leaves us nor forsakes us. The Abba Father.