The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

No need for any of us to figure things out. No need to live as per our figuring’s. Only need? Your Presence in the actuality of our daily living.

How Simple It All Becomes When You Are Present In Our Actual Living …

Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 9:09 pm.

Of course, we humans are masters at complicating things with our own figuring’s. Even so? You are at work to deliver each one of us from our own figuring’s.

Summary Of Your Doings Yesterday To Illustrate The Matter …

Denise sent me some extra money to help with my expenses. I responded to her. Quote:

Excerpt of email.

Child of mine! My blessings leave me DUMBFOUND! LOL. On the 30-31st I had it out with Father. Why? Here is the details. Strange? Yes, I wanted to share these things with you, but! I did not want to make you think that I was pushing you. Besides? I no longer do whatever. I am just letting things happen.

So? what happened? After I had it out with Father, let me quote the beginning of what happened and continues to happen. I copy/paste the entries. Here is an excerpt of those entries:

  • You will now have me to quote chapter 3 from that autobiography to illustrate how my rebellion continued from my birth to that memorable day when You called me into account on June 20, 1985.
  • This is a long chapter. I need to edit it. Then, I will break it into pages for easy reading. Quote:

That was the beginning of His response. Yesterday? I slept away the whole afternoon. When I woke at 9 pm? I was fuzzy didn’t know the time, so, I put on my glasses. Check the time. my inbox was glaring important emails. I clicked! Wow!

  1. Your strange email.
  2. Joyce sent me the number to pick my money at western union. My check was not supposed to come until Monday, but it came yesterday.
  3. Roxana inviting me for a chat, and?
  4. The NET that has not been working now working. WHAT?

Baby, NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is what I or anyone else figures it to be! I am totally blown away with my new gifted freedom from my own figuring and conclusions. the best part?