The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

This is not an emotional state. It’s something I have no words to describe. A permanent state of security and peace and love to last me for eternity!

Hope you read all of this. No matter. Whether you do or don’t no longer disturbs this amazing state and condition of my being.

l love you with an intensity never experienced before. lov mom:-).

Hahaha! Your mom? Thinking already: ‘what can I do with that extra moolash? Oops! I hear, loud and clear! “Let go! Be still! I am at work!”

So? Quit thinking. Going on with the cleaning I haven’t done for weeks. It’ll be sunny today out there and in here? Sunny in my heart!

Blessings! Lov mom

It’s All So Real Now More Than Ever Before …

Monday, February 3, 2020 at 6:36 am.

You put me to sleep from midnight to 6 am. A prayer on waking up: ‘Take my eyes off myself. Placed them on You. Let me not look at pain and discomfort. Let me be attentive to Your voice always unto eternity’

Your Answer While I Yet My Cry Goes Up To You …?

Sure enough. I get up. Do my business. Not knowing what to drink to relieve the unusual pain in my head, it came to me to fix a ginger tea.

  • Well? Ginger tea? That don’t seem to be a good idea, but! Ginger tea it is at the sound of Your voice.
  • Next? The graphic I am working on is missing something, don’t know what?
  • Ha! it came to me to overlay it with the words, HIS LOVE’S POWER! In huge print on the background I am using now.
  • Next? The minute I began to record the door opens. In comes my little friend with the bananas he was supposed to bring last night.
  • “No jacuzzi for you! Hahaha!”
  • What a way to start my day!
  • Sipping the delicious tea You prescribed for me I’m on my way to start this new day!
  • This new day for me ended with a visit for my estranged friend, Yazeed.
  • At 10:22 pm I started to bed, but! I couldn’t get away from working on the graphic.
  • Worked until 1:30am today.

Today? One More Day Of Expectant Wonder …?

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 6:14 am.