The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

Ah! My welcomed little friend. Up! He turns on the heat.

  • “Did you get me some coffee?”
  • “Nay!” He says.
  • He lays out the first set of goodies.
  • “Good?”
  • “Yeah, looks good!”
  • Next? The fruit.
  • Next? Big jar of honey!
  • Still? No coffee.
  • He waits a minute. Then?
  • The coffee! Hahaha!
  • We chatted about the cleaning.
  • He promised to come tomorrow to clean.
  • Will see. By tomorrow? He done forgot his promise, but!
  • I never know until tomorrow comes.
  • Why worry about tomorrow?
  • He leaves.
  • I proceed to take care of things.
  • Suddenly! What do I hear?

“No One Takes Care Of You? What About Your Suffering?” …

Friday, January 31, 2020 at 1:13 am.

Midnight came. Me? Reflecting on Your questions. You took me back all the way to that place and moment of my birth. That happened over 80 years ago, but!

  • The memories are just as it was today.
  • My father siting his rocking chair ledger and calendar on hand waiting.
  • The grandfather clock struck the three chimes for 3 am.
  • Mama Lucila comes out of the adjacent room.
  • “Es nina!” for It’s a girl! She announced.
  • My father recorded my name: Basilia Licona Sarceno plus the date and hour of my birth and to whom I was born.
  • Why did my Father pick my name to be Basilia? Because he picked the names from the Catholic calendar that recorded the births of many considered ‘saints’ in the Cathoic Church. That 14th day of June was the birth of Saint Basilio.
  • So Strange my birth circumstances were!

Master? I See Your Purpose For Such Vivid Memory …

You are demonstrating to me how from my birth until this day You have assigned my caretakers. Why my suffering? Your response:

“O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? I gave you a mighty man for a father to take care of you. Didn’t you rebel against your father?