The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

You have done the work in me for keeps this time. I don’t need a clue on next. I must live on present. So? when my mind attempts to get a clue on what comes next? Automatically I reject the attempt. Automatically I go on with the present.

Miracle? Yes It Is. All My Life I Have Heard, ‘Forget The Past! Go On With The Present To No Avail! So? …

I lived a frustrated miserable life unable to do what I could not do. Here lately? My past drove me almost back to the loony kooky bench, but!

Miraculous Victory! On The Last Day Of The First Moth Of The 2020 Year …?

O my Master! My sordid past troubles me no more! That’s the reality You enlightened to me on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 3:45 am of my first 7th Day of Rest in this 2nd month of 2020, as I find myself resting in You.

O Me! What A Jolly Time It Now Is. Let Me Put It Like This …?

Great victory? A miracle? Indeed! That’s the fact to be exact. Now what? One would thin to enjoy the ride at that. Really?

  • Enjoying? By all means! But nothing like I had in mind joy to be. That’s for sure. This kind of joy I am experiencing is beyond any emotional explanation.
  • But it is something that will attract many souls like a magnet because of its nature.
  • As it is for me, shall be for thee, dear reader, Latest words?
  • “Wait. Relax. No matter what you see, feel, and think, I am harmonizing all the inharmonious circumstances of your life.
  • Let me now go on with the posting of this most timely matter. I am ending this post with the beginning of it. Why?
  • The great tribulation is coming, but it is not the will of our Creator that any should perish. Therefore? This post is one step up towards the Creator’s will to be accomplished.
  • BTW It’s coming to me to format all these pages into a PDF download.
  • I’ll see where the Spirit leads me. Perhaps work on a series.
  • Whatever book I’m led to format I’ll publish it in the True Life Books page. Need to update that page anyhow.
  • Meantime?

Enjoy! Deploy!