The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

During the three days when she lost her mind, she had several visions and in those visions she had seen then, in 1974, everything that was happening to her now, in 1983.

And among those things happening to her now was the end of her second marriage which was the most exhilarating and emotionally violent decade of her life and the beginning of a relationship with a gentleman called “Mr. Coo.

At that time, in 1974, she did not even have an inkling that this gentleman, Mr. Coo, existed. Therefore, in her visions that year of 1974, she mistook him for her second husband at an older age, because at that period of time her second husband happened to have a striking resemblance to Mr. Coo.

But the man in her vision was not her husband at all, for in her vision she foresaw Mr. Coo as she found out at the appointed time of her life.

In her visions she also foresaw the trip to Vegas which she was about to undertake.

It was now 1983 and by then she had divorced from her second husband and she had forgotten all about those visions. Though that for a while after the breakdown she tried to figure out what she had seen, by 1983 she had given up trying to decipher what she foresaw in 1974, and she didn’t even think about it anymore.

Yet, nearing the end of that period of utter darkness and despair which she foresaw in 1974, and around the middle of 1983 when  the roof cave in and she ran, she came to understand all those things that she had seen during those three days in which she had lost her mind back in 1974.

For the roof of her world’s castle began to cave in around July of 1983 and she panicked and ran about two months later, when she realized that her whole castle was tumbling down around October of 1983.