The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

To begin with, her youngest daughter and her son-in-law were supposed to buy Thia’s house because Thia could not meet the mortgage payments.

Thia was awfully glad when the loan was approved for them to buy the house—around July.

But, to Thia’s utter disbelief, her son-in-law backed off the deal, and Thia was caught with three mortgage payments behind. Such was the first stage of the cave in!

At the time Thia was working for a pittance in Mr. Coo’s neighborhood bar. But in a desperate attempt to make money to catch up with the mortgage payments she switched work to a barroom that offered her more money.

Then she went back to work her Real Estate License plus she got a part-time job in a fabric store.

For Thia was desperately trying to make money not only to pay her mortgage payments but also for her car payments as well because she was also late with those; but it was too late.

There was no way to catch up with so much back-up. She was running herself to insanity and in vain.

And so, around the end of September or perhaps October of 1983 Thia decided to get roommates and work hard on Real Estate to make enough money to take care of the mortgage and the car payment without losing her sanity.

So, she quit the barroom altogether and the part-time job at the fabric store to dedicate herself to Real Estate completely.

However, to Thia’s utter shock, when she came in that day to the Real Estate Company with all her eggs in that one basket, determined and resolved to make money, her Real Estate Manager called her to the office and Squoosh! every one of those freshly laid eggs.

Thia was told to hang it up for Real Estate was not productive for her or for them because of Thia’s emotional situation.