The Great Tribulation? Don’t Despair! Don’t Despair! But? …

Thia was told that it was best that she would remove her license from the active list.

Such was the second and final stage to the cave in! Thia was shocked to numbness. Later on she confided,

“I have no recollection as to what I did at that immediate moment. But afterwards, for a little while, I refused to give up.

I purposed in my heart to run a good distance to make a lot of money, and from far away, rebuild my house, rebuild my life! …”

Thia decided to run to Vegas to make money in the casinos!

  • “Oh! Almighty Yahuwah!” Thia was to confess much later in her life’s pilgrimage, “I can see now how I ran in a hoof of rebellion, determined to out will even Almighty Yahuwah Himself! The will to survive was driving me hard but I was totally blind and oblivious to that fact!”

And Almighty Yahuwah, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, just watched Thia run. About those times Thia says,

  • “It seems like Almighty Yahuwah just stood there, just like I had seen Him in the visions of those three days in 1974, as a Mighty and Powerful Giant with His arms cross around His chest, and His feet planted firmly on the ground!”

In Thia’s vision of Almighty Yahuwah in 1974 Almighty Yahuwah stood up, just waiting for Thia to wear out and come to the end of Thia’s carnal affairs and willful ways.

The sad irony was that Thia’s conception of Almighty Yahuwah at the time of those visions, was a conception of power and power only, she never saw the tears of the loving Father through the prophet saying,


  • Do you still refuse to listen? Then in loneliness my breaking heart shall mourn because of your pride. My eyes will overflow with tears because Almighty Yahuwah’s flock shall be carried away as slaves. Jeremiah 13:17.(LBV)

Thia didn’t think about love at all. As far back as Thia could remember Thia had one thing in mind and that was power!