Behold! Yahuwah Universal Sovereign In Control!

“Poor Basilia!” Ahmad’s forever annoying this truly poor soul, but! O well, maybe he knows more than he lets on for me to think about it. Me? O bless my heart. Devoted 100% each time.

  1. First? Born, raised Catholic until the divorce.
  2. I divorced my first husband so? The Catholic God divorced me.
  3. Then? Charismatic
  4. Next? Baptist.
  5. Independent for a while.
  6. Up came the Messianic s
  7. I thought I had arrived!
  8. My duty to proclaim key Hebrew words plus…
  9. Zealous attempts to proclaim the Jewish customs and traditions.
  10. From keeping the festivals to wearing the Tassels (Tzit tzit) and the head cover? Man! I was determined to keep all the Hebrew customs and traditions to the ‘tee’ to keep myself and others from the flames of hell!
  11. Thank goodness! That was over as quickly as it came upon me.
  12. Soon as I arrived in Jerusalem? Almighty Yahuwah showed me the ridiculousness of my doings.

In Retrospect? O My Master What A Trip My Religious Devotions Have Been …

Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 8:03 am.

You are now putting a hearty laugh at my own ridiculousness. Humor instead of anger is my gifted motto. I left my recording here. Went on to my fun jolly holly gifted graphics skill to fill.

O My Master! What A Blessing It Is To Create What You Procreate …

Friday, February 7, 2020 at 7:50 am.

O well! I just used those words referring to Your Creator sole right. In my thinking? I am not creating anything that You have not already created.

You Alone Are The Master Creator Of All In Existence …

Of course, many souls realize and live by that, but! for the most? Humankind makes heroes of anyone gifted to reproduce whatever You gift to some soul to reproduce.

(Wondering if I should sneak a delicious chunk of chocolate in my mouth? Problem: one little chunk leads to another and another until I get sick!  Help, my Master HELP!)

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