Behold! Yahuwah Universal Sovereign In Control!

The truth? Ain’t worried about anything anymore, but! Black chocolate? O well! It’s doing me good. I need to remind Ahmad to get it for me, he forgets, You know it my Master.

Anyhow, yesterday? Blustering winds whistling out there. Rain pouring down, but it came to me to remind to Ahmad about my black chocolate, never thinking he would be out there in the weather. So? The scene.

“Quickly! Quickly! I am in the rain, Basilia!” “My black chocolate! MY BLACK CHOCOLATE!!!” “WHAT? I’M IN THE RAIN!!!” He shouted at me and hung up! The nerve! Rain and no black chocolate for me. Can you believe it?

Sure enough, because of my inopportune call? He didn’t show up last night. I waited for him until 11 pm. While getting under my covers? I burst out laughing! I realized the ridiculousness of it all!

Humor instead of anger it sure is my motto now. Any other time I would have been angry, anxious, cry, cry, and cry in despair!

No more! No more anger. No more anxiety, and no more tears. You done repaired the broken lachrymal gland in my mind

What a Fixer Upper You are my Beloved Master! truly? Your banner over me is love? Is it so for Ahmad and the rest, my Master?

“O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? You really are a child of My heart.

You delight My Being!

Even when in the midst of the rain and pain at times you despair.

At times you burst your angry tirades at Me, even then, you delight My Being!

My Spirit bears witness that you are My genuine child who knows Me as the Father that I am to you.

Rejoice, My precious child! I am so delighted to sup with you.

I am so delighted to extend My scepter unto My Queen instead of letting you perish like anyone not so cherished.

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