Clear Answer About Who Is The God We Worship Or Not Worship …

Will I Lose Or Gain Readers? No Longer Weights Upon My Shoulders …

Well? Guess I Could Be Labeled As Mental Case – A Person Suffering From Neurosis …?

But those terms are not in use anymore by the professionals. Guess now they use less impressive terms. Regardless, whatever they could label it now the meaning is still the same—mental insanity.

No Kidding! Many Consider Me As A Case …?

Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 3:36 am.

A case of mental insanity. Yeap! Many have suggested for me to get help to clear my mind. But it does not surprise or bother me any longer. Why?

I Now Hear That Voice, Let Go – Be Still – Wait …

You will soon see My Deliverance! I am at work. My plans for you, for all are good. Prepare for a near harmonized future for all, says my Master—that voice from within my heart.

Ha! What Are You Revealing To Me Right Now? …

Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 3:44 am.

You are letting me see the sad part in my good intentions to help the children in this generation. I only gave birth to my three girls, but then?

  • A second set of three girls came into my life, and?
  • A bundle of joy in a blond boy to be my adopted son.
  • Furthermore? My tenacious attempt to help his older brother
  • Plus? The little girl abandoned by her drug addicted parent.
  • Court rooms. Social workers. Bathing. Feeding. Looking after the new still babies. Looking after the needs of the older ones. No difference from my birth girls and the rest—they all treated as my own flesh and blood, but!
  • The sad part? My emotional instability could not handle my lofty ideals.
  • To this day the thought of failure has hunted my deep insides.

Thus? You Brought The Matter To Light In The Last Two Dreams You Quicken To Me …

One dream I saw an empty dirty plate. The other? Killing roaches coming out of a crevice in the wall.

  • I kill, kill, kill, until? A big one would not come out. I quit the killing.
  • That last roach stuck in the crevice showed the shinniest part of its body.
  • I dropped the shoe or whatever I was using in the killing.
  • I woke up in wonder. In time? I refreshed the meaning of roaches in a dream to be a good thing depending on whatever, but!

Right Now, On This Morning Of A 7th Day Of Rest I’m Getting Your Meaning. Wow! …

Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 4:24 am.