Steady Now By Your Crown …

Somehow, I donated my Living version to my daughter Roxana. The Amplified version is still with me—I wouldn’t give it up for love or money.

Even so? On October 21, 1986 You popped a good blow on my thick skull to stop my foolish bickering and complaining as You did with Your prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 15:19-21.

The wording in the Amplified version is more detailed but! Not the wording that struck me that day. Roxana lives far away from me so I could not get a hold of my Living version.

After much struggling to find the quote, I purchased the digital version from e-Sword but for whatever reason I never downloaded it.

Anyhow, I have read the Scriptures in many different versions. The wording is almost the same wording in most that I have read. So? I no longer read other than my Amplified.

But sometimes there are verses in my memory with words that do not exactly match the Amplified or any other version to my knowledge. Today is one of those days.

I never know what I am to write on any given day. You lead me. I follow what You bring to mind. Today, reflecting on the family in this world, somehow, I came to look for the Scripture about the flesh.

None of the wording in the downloaded versions satisfied whatever I remember about that Scripture. Suddenly! The Living version came to mind.

Hum! I need that version but it’s a pay download. It’s OK. Today, I’ll pay and download it. I clicked the download button. Then the purchase button. At the purchase screen I see that I have an account with them. What?

I clicked to checht it out. What? History of purchases? Wow! I purchased the Living version in 2018 but never downloaded it, why? Beats me!