Steady Now By Your Crown …

Well? I better go to sleep again while You show me exactly how to tie all things up. Better than 3 hrs of sleep did me good.

About The Thread And Tie With The Family And The Flesh …?

Monday, February 24, 2020 at 5:51 am.

Ha! people been searching for their family tree for a while to no avail. But lately on this 2020-year, people are beginning to discover not only the tree but mainly the roots of that tree.

  • Me? I gave up that search mainly for lack of data, but! The truth I am finding out now? You prevented me from such quest. Instead?

You Been Revealing The Matter To Me …

Monday, February 24, 2020 at 6:08 am.

Despite my lack of interest, You have been faithful to reveal such matters to me in the proper order and at Your appointed time for You to do so.

Thus? You Decreed This 2020 To Bring Closure To This Matter Of The Family …?

Amazing! I am just now realizing it. You have been and You are now revealing to me and to all You to be the root of the family tree. WOW!

What A Difference That Makes …

Indeed! This revelation opened my eyes to see what I considered to be my gross behavior in raising my children was, actually, stemming from You.

  • All of them, I had thought of the horrible things I did to each one of them in my attempt to subdue each one of them to my ideas of whatever was supposed to be good for them.

Is It Not From You That This Idea Of Whatever Was Supposed To Be Good For Them Came From? …

Wow! This revelation has set me free from the horror of guilt and misery that had haunted me all these years. Guilt? The chain around my neck suffocating me has been broken!

  • You are leading me now to quote two long passages of Scripture. No doubt, long quotes turn readers away. Even so? The words quoted are the words that You have used to jolt my being into the life of those words.
  • Thus, at Your leading I will quote. It’s my hope for You to touch the interest of the readers to read instead of turning away. Quote:

John 3:1-21 AMPC+