Covid-19: Resolute For The Absolute …

Indeed! You brought me to the wilderness of this people and culture in Amman, Jordan to judge me face to face. You found me guilty of quoting dead words without knowledge, but!

You Convicted Me And Set Me Up To Experience Your Written Words …

For the last ten years You opened my eyes to see the gross interpretation I lived by and taught others to do likewise.

  • You showed me how I had been following what I considred to be the leaders of Your flock not You.
  • You showed me how I had been living by the rules of the earthly church but completely ignored Yahushua’s words on the subject of the ‘church’ and the written words.
  • You let me know I had it all wrong along with the ‘church’ and followers.
  • You exposed the deep fears that had made havoc of my life mainly the fear of man.
  • You let me know in no uncertain terms that You had set me up to impact the world with the work You had done in my life not for me to conquer or made the world a better world.
  • You did all of this to set me as an example of the work You aim to do in each one of Your children.

Now? I Bear In My Body Mind And Soul The Experience Of Your Written Words …

  • So You have compelled me to testify in the two books so far published:
  • The Life Of thiaBasilia Is Impacting The Globe COMPLETED
  • The Life Of thiaBasilia Continues To Impact The Globe formatted
  • I have no idea, neither I am looking to know what the outcome of those books shall be, but!
  • That is not because I don’t care, but! because my Master commands me to Let go of all my former concerns; to be still; to wait for He is at work for our good.
  • The same goes about the skeptics that happen to know my past and think of me as a lunatic and laugh and make fun of me.
  • No retaliation whatsoever!
  • Only My gifted thinking: ‘He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best’ confirmed in Your written words.

Quote From The Master Of My Being’s Words Written In The Bible:

Luke 6:20-26 AMPC+