Covid-19: Resolute For The Absolute …

Honestly? I am still human. My natural negative or positive reactions still work quite fine, but! The difference between my former and present reactions? Your reality in my daily moment by moment life. Example:

  • Just a moment ago? Big disappointment!
  • Yesterday Ahmad and I had one of the best times connecting.
  • He looked great! He promised to come back today.
  • Today? I waited for him all day.
  • No sign of Ahmad.
  • Then? His young son comes in with more supplies and nothing about his father.
  • Finally! I got in touch with his older son.
  • He tells me his father got the flu.
  • Mine O mine! Knowing my Ahmad if he thinks he got the flu he is worried to death of the posibility of contaminating any of us and wind up with the COVID-19, but!
  • My reaction? A flash of anger! Why not call me?
  • That was just a flash of the horrible times I always blamed Ahmad for all my suffering.
  • This time? The flash of anger passed by me, but! It did not affect me at all.
  • Immediately! O my Master! How real You are. Immediately Your peace that surpasses all understanding floaded my soul.
  • But You know all about it my Master.
  • Automatically I began to fix the delicious macluba the wife sent to me.
  • I drank a little coffee. Put away the things he sent to me.
  • Edited the post to add this most important ending of it.
  • I am now editing the graphics.
  • Master? I might post some time before this day ends if that is Your will.

Alright! Things Are Percolating Nicely, My Master! Time To Post? …

Monday, April 6, 2020 at 8:34 pm.

The graphics look surprisingly good if I may say so myself! Your message? Upthe par with the moment. Me? Just delivering it. So glad to report the wonders You are doing within and without me.

Master? I Don’t Understand. Yesterday All Was Swell, Now?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 5:14 am.