Why Covid-19: Me? Haven’t Got The Slightest! Not My Two Cents Worth. But! …

It blew my mind! I am stunned with what You have revealed to me through this writing! Here are some of the revelations You have given to me in dreams in between all of these readings.

  1. Either I dreamed or had a vision: I was in some kind of terminal, like an airport terminal and I saw, read or said, I don’t know, but, it spelled in capital letters, “I am Rachel”.
  2. Then a couple hours ago: I saw my second husband handing me a check for $129.00 to give to Irene for the white shoes and a shiny car key in a leather key chain and I said, “what white shoes?” and holding the key, “what is this?” and I woke up.
  3. Then back on March 24, 2008 I had the first of these series of revelations from You, this is what happened as I wrote to Roxana in an email,
  4. This is strange but, I’ve been up as usual since 3 am, all of a sudden ‘bout 7 I got unusually drowsy and I went back under my covers. I immediately went into a sort of a dream: I was traveling with you I think in a bus and when we got there you got out of the bus and rushed ahead of me and I lost track of you but I kept walking towards this hotel you had gone in, there was a lot of people going and coming and I was just trudging along towards the hotel. I think I talked to a couple but I don’t remember what was said. All I remember is coming in through the revolving doors and going into the reception room in right as I came in. There was some kind of buffet going, nice set up and the hostess inviting everybody to help themselves. I kept looking for you and finally I spotted you dismissing a group of children. It seems like it was some kind of Christian conference and you were involved in the set up. Anyhow you told me of all the problems you were all having because key people had not shown up and you were stuck with a lot to do. I said, can I help you? But right at that moment that I asked you if I could help, there was this very neat lady, dark complexion, dark short hair, wearing a teal color nice outfit, carrying papers on a clip board evidently somebody in the administration of the outfit to whom you had to give account and she nodded her head to say “no” to my help offer. So, I said, I take it I can’t help you. Then we walked around and again I spotted the same lady, with her papers by the side of a truck, kind of checking up things in her papers and I walked over to her and I said, “hey, I am not offended by your rejection!” She looked at me in a strange way but didn’t said a thing and I walked away from her very happy and actually laughing and I woke up. Having got the slightest what was that all about? Can you make anything out of it?
  5. And the next day, same situation, I dreamed again, Father as You know I had another strange dream this morning.
  6. Same situation as yesterday, about 7 am I got really drowsy and I went to bed. I started dreaming right away. I was in a sidewalk gathering of people, whether it was in Victoria TX or Wilmington NC or Algiers LA I don’t know. All I remember is being there when this heavy-set fellow arrived and I recognized him as an old neighbor but I don’t recall where or anything about him other than his face and his name, I exclaimed: Robert! And he came towards me and hugged me. Then he proceeded to put me up to date about his wife Mary and all that she was up to, in the meantime I stuck my hand in my pants pocket and pulled all kinds of things out, one thing was an ear ring that I used to wear all the time when I used to wear jewerely, and when I pulled that ear ring, Robert exclaimed, I got the other ear ring, and he gave it to me and I woke up!
  7. This time I called Roxana and immediately she told me, “well, earrings got to do with your hearing, perhaps you had lost your hearing and now you have found it!”
  • Amazing! And how fitting is that interpretation for what is happening to me, how You, my Father have opened my ears afresh and are opening the Scriptures to me like never before.