Why Covid-19: Me? Haven’t Got The Slightest! Not My Two Cents Worth. But! …

O my Master! You have had me to notice the numbers in the dates of the last few days, why? Well, You are now to reveal to me that ‘Why’?’

Why This Matter Of Numbers And Dates Is So Important To You …?

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 3:52 am.

This matter is so important that from the beginning of Your command to me to journal my life You compelled me to record the date and time for steppingstones into my future.

  • That was 1987. I have faithfully obeyed You. Now in 2020 You are displaying this amazing future already coming to pass in the numbers of the date and time I been recording such matter.

Not Only Numbers But Dreams And Visions So Important As Well …

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 4:17 am.

For years as well, You have had me to record the dreams and visions with Your interpretation of such. Now, in 2020 You are displaying to me as in a film strip Your reason to compel me to record it all.

Your Reason? A Practical Way To Reveal The Mystery Of Yourself …?

A practical way? Well? I see Your practicality. What better way to reveal Yourself than this child/woman that I am for all matters and purposes? No kidding, the best part?

  • I really amuse You with my child like attitude to the things that are so important to grown ups.
  • Sitting at my desk I am supposed to know all there is about my receptionist/secretary/or whatever job I am there for, but! My mind?
  • Not there at all! I am just a child resting underneath Your everlasting arms. You are plesed. Suddenly? My boss asks, “Where is the file for xx transaction?” I quickly reply, “I haven’t got the slightest!”
  • Back to my computer training still in force. The instructor wanted to know how was it going at my work? I quickly replied, “Well? I haven’t got the slightest! That’s what I told my boss about a file he asked for and he didn’t seem to mind.”
  • “WHAT? You don’t tell that to your boss, you are to go to the file cabinet and start looking for that file.” “OK I’ll do that next time.”
  • Hum! Next time comes along. This child that I am is up there with her Heavenly Father. Along comes anyone to ask whatever worldly task I’m supposed to know. My answer? “I haven’t got the slightest!”
  • And my Heavenly Father laughs.
  • Honest to goodness! People are so concerned with wordly things. It’s a crime to live out of this world. So? I guess I am a criminal, but!
  • O my Master! I do amuse You.with my child like attitude. Even so?
  • There comes the time when You call me to be a woman of courage.
  • You call me to the wicked and the righteous that they are both evil.
  • “O but Master they’ll kill me!”
  • “Would you obey Me even it means to lose your life?”
  • “You see my Master? They almost killed me!”
  • “But they didn’t My precious child, O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? Your obedience delights My Being.
  • My delight in your obedience is Your strength.”
  • And so I go on and on.
  • Sometimes a child, sometimes a woman, most of the time, a child.
  • “O well! what about the numbers and visions and dreams, my Master?”

Numbers – Gematria—The Design Of Scripture By Brad Scott …

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 7:57 am.