Why Covid-19: Me? Haven’t Got The Slightest! Not My Two Cents Worth. But! …

I am bubling up with excitement with all that You are putting together in my mind and heart. This a matter to last me until the time of Your disceretion comes for it all to settle in my mind and heart.

The weeping of the brothers. Sorrow under affliction
Twelve mason jars filled with honey. Repentance and rewards
The corridor The place to probate the inheritance
The passionate kiss. The Almighty’s passionate love for His creation.
The father and family. The Bride
The kisser dashing in on a swift horse with exteded hand holding $12000.00 Number Twelve
He says to the father, “the require ammount for your daughter!” Middle East Custom
The father says, my daughter is not for sale. Unheard in the Western World
The confused Ahmad with the whole escene. Your discussion of your dream with Ahmad.
Me coming down from the hill to inform Ahmad that he needs an interpreter. Your realization that Ahmad was confused, lacking understanding of your dream.
I said, Our customs are not like your costums. The long discussion about marriage that developed between Ahmad and you.

Master? Why The Daughter Is Not For Sale In My Dream? …

Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 12:08 am.

“My precious thiaBasilia, notice the numbers on the date at this precise moment that you ask of Me such question. Let’s begin with the meaning of numbers.

The numbers on the date at this precise moment: Saturday stands for 7. April stands for 4. 2020 stands for the multiplication of 10×2 twice. At the hour of 12:08. Quote:


The Number Seven – Completeness and Rest We now come to the most prolific and ubiquitous number in scripture. There is much to be written about the number seven and it’s occurrances, which are too numerous to mention here, not assuming that ‘all’ have been discovered. There is almost universal agreement as to the meaning of this number, and it’s etymological root testifies of this. It speaks of completeness and rest, so it is no wonder that this number appears 54 times in the last book of scripture. YHVH does marvelous things in the earth with this number. The 7th word of scripture is ‘eretz, or the ‘earth’, and this word winds up the initial creation with 7 words. All material, visible and invisible, was created in the beginning, followed by the fall of Lucifer and chaos, and then the 7 days of making, forming, calling, letting be, and seeing were begun. This was complete on the 7th day. However, the 7th day was not declared tov, or good, which also means to be complete. This was done in anticipation of the fall of man, from which the 7 days would begin again, each day representing a thousand years according to several prophecies in scripture. Man, after 6 thousand years on earth, will once again see the final Sabbath in the last thousand years or the 7th millenium.

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