COVID-19? Great Opportunity! …

Master? I have no right to judge Ahmad nor anyone else. But You know that I am human easily forgetting to let go, to be still, to wait while You are at work.

  • Even so? You are in control of every minute detail in my life.
  • You don’t leave at the mercy of my imaginations.
  • You bring me back to let go, be still, wait, I am at work.
  • No worries. All well with my soul again.
  • I’m ready for a cup of coffee in Your Presence.

I Am So Blessed! The Minute You Bring Me To My Senses …?

Monday, April 13, 2020 at 11:29 pm.

Exactly, the minute Your wisdom prevails? That’s the minute You bless me with another clue on the work You are doing in Ahmad’s heart.

  • I drank my coffee and enjoyed it. Went to bed 7:29 pm. Peace. Got comfortable. Sleep. Woke up. I heard the familiar ‘hello’.
  • I didn’t get out of bed. I motion for him to sit on my chair and begin to talk.

The Clue. After Much Wrangling On Hearing He Had To Work …?

On and on the wrangling went on. Finally, he asked to fix some coffee. I needed to get out of bed anyhow. Coffee fixed. I told him to pull his chair close to my chair. I read to him how You got me out of my fit of anger.

He listened carefully. Then? He asked me not to get angry, but he had lied to me. He had told me he just could not stay home. He had to work. So, he went to work but not for money like he told me.

  • He works for free in a food place packing boxes of food for the needy.
  • What? You mean volunteer work? O Ahmad! You just don’t understand me at all! Why would I get angry for you doing the right thing to do?
  • But what a clue!
  • That’s exactly how You are preparing him for what You call him to be.
  • We then talked about how that’s what the future shall be about.
  • Unlimited ammount of money shall come to him to enable him to buy and repair buildings to plant our own food because there won’t be any markets to buy food.
  • In the meantime, he is to prepare the people to get off of the commercial mind set, but!
  • Mainly he is to begin with his family talking to them to turn their eyes to You and Your plan of salvation.

O My Master! Deliver Me From Figuring Anything About This Matter …

When and how shall all of this to happen? That’s all in Your timing and at Your discretion. I don’t want to build castles in the air. I want my heart and mind always set on You.

A New Day To Rejoice In Your Presence Regardless! …

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 12:53 am.

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