Where Are We? This Is A Different Jungle—A Better One Mused The Old Tiger …

O my Master! I’m frightened! The silence from my children plus Ahmad’s absence is taking its toll on me. Coupled with the reading of Revelations from chpater 6 to 22 plus the dream I just dreamed? Frightening!

  • The dream was kind of vague. It seems that we were chatting in a room. Suddenly! We got news that my dead mom was detained for questioning at the airport. Then, there were several people mingling around and my Robin was standing dressed in black, I asked if she had heard? She answered, “only an hour ago.” I woke up.
  • Ahmad promised to visit today. All day long I waited for his visit in vain. At 4:35 pm I hear thunder. Closed and unplug computer. Went to bed. Slept for a couple of hours. Had that dream. I got up but then went back to bed. I wept for my children and for Ahmad.
  • Still hoping for Ahmad to show up. Maybe I dozed off. I just laid there weeping. After a while his young son came in with food. No Ahmad. No call. Such disapointment! I did not ask anything. I did not even get out of bed.
  • After a while it came to me look up for the meaning of someone dressed in black. The meaning that I found frigntened me some more.
  • I wanted to talk to someone for comfort. Then I said, “I don’t need to talk to anyone. I need to talk to You.”

O My Master! You Alone Are The One To Comfort Me …

Friday, April 17, 2020 at 11:17 pm.

This 17th day of April is ending. Recording on the 11:17 hour and minutes. The Number Eleven: Disorder and Judgment. The Number Seventeen Victory and resurrection and rest.

What Comfort! Yes! It’s Disorder And Judgment Time, But! …

Victory and resurrection and rest comes next! Wow! In one hour’s time the evil element shall be eliminated giving way for Your so loved world to return to You.

  • One hour? That’s the meaning of Robin dressed in black: meaning the judgements shall be eliminated in one hour’s time.
  • Indeed! Your judgements are frightening, but! Those judgements are for the noblest of purpose, and?
  • They are warnings not final judgement. They are temporal but crucial for our eternal life.

We Coming Now To A New Day Exactly At Twelve Or Midnight …

Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 12:00 am.

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