The Meaning Of Suffering …

Fantastic! Complete manifestation of Yourself working in Ahmad and my life for the benefit of Your so loved creation in this world.

  • Your message is all inclusive of my complete rest.

But? Once Again, I Am Talking In Riddles …?

How is anyone reading these lines that I record to know what is in my mind? Or rather, what is the state and condition of my mind when I record all these things that I record?

Alright! Let Me Recap! That Shall Settle The Matter …

It all started when wind came to me that I qualified for the stimulus check for USA citizens. I went to quite a few days wondering and figuring when and what was I to do with that money.

  • At last I heard Your words again to let go and be still and not to look for the blessing but to set my gaze on You for You were at work.
  • Well? I listened.
  • I quit looking for the check.
  • Instead, I started looking for Your manifestation.
  • By and by it came to me to look for the day my regular check was to be deposited in my bank this month.
  • Wow! The check was to be deposited on the 1st not on the 3rd of this month.
  • Still, no news about my extra check, and?
  • Me? Not concerned anymore because I heard and listened to Your word to let it go, to be still. To wait.
  • But I emailed asking my friend to send it to me as she did last month.
  • I waited for her reply, but she did not reply just then.
  • That really got to me.
  • It is hard, actually impossible for a human to wait indefinetly for anything.
  • It is just as hard for a human to admit our lack of patience.

But ‘He Knows’ Says Ahmad …?

Suddenly! Late that night, her reply in my inbox! Not only my monthly check but the stimulus checks as well, only?

  • Her email was bittersweet with her instructions implying doubt as to the handling of my money. Therefore, implying dishonesy in Ahmad’s part.
  • Surprise! Any other time in the past that such issue came about, I would get angry.

The Truth? I Been Angry With My People’s Misconception Not OnlyAbout Ahmad, But! …

The utter misconception about Jordan just made me angry in the past. Mainly, the misconception about myself in Jordan and the realtionship You have established between Ahmad and I angred me big time.

Guess What? This Time Not Anger. Instead? Your Love and Wisdom Prevailed

I shared my heart with my friend in a reply to her concern for my safety. My friend kindly responded with her understanding of my situation.

Next? My New Approach In Sharing With Ahmad …

Sunday, May 3, 2020 at 10:10 am.