The Meaning Of Suffering …

Again, the thing is that all coming to mind must wait for Your timing. I do not need to make any predictions like many do. I sense Your leading to wait until You materialize whatever I am to proclaim.

Ha! Now I Know Why The Check Has Not Materialized …?

Wow! The graphic is about my name in the Highest Royalty. The matter has to harmonize with what You are doing with Ahmad and myself.

  • Whatever is to happen next shall be in sequence with all writings recorded since day one of Your call to journal my life. Amazing!

It Is All So Ever Exciting, Yet? I Must Keep My Composure …?

The best part? I now have the power to keep my composure. I wait. I can now wait with patience and composure.

  • Yes Indeed! Romans 8:18-27 comes into play.

Back To Suffering …?

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 7:28 am.

The truth? Honest to goodness! Ahmad and I have not suffered enough to deserve the manifestation of that check!

  • Ha! That is the meaning of that big frozen fish in my dream—the dream about fishing as I recorded on Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 8:16 am.
  • Not only Romans 8:14-17 but 1 Peter 2:1-12 come into play big time! I can now wait with patience and composure for the escenes in the dream:
  1. The waters were just beautiful—crystal clear—serene, but! No fish=The power to wait for the unseen with patience and composure.
  2. A peculiar man appeared, dug in his sak, threw a huge frozen fish on the icy mound, looked my way with sort like a grin, and disappeared. = How not only the stimulus check is frozen for the moment but the super abundance coming to us is frozen as well.
  3. Raymond was urging us to hurry up, he was taking us out to eat. This I take it to be the need to act now—the need to change all there is to ourselves by the power of love from on high not by the power of our own natural minds.

Wow! Now I See Why The Fish Is Still Frozen …?

Yes, Ahmad and I are relatively waiting with patience and composure, or, are we? I am afraid our patience and composure need a little more testing.

  • Hahaha! We are not suffering at all! But?
  • We keep on the lookout for the check!
  • What a sneakey way to pretend patience and composure!

Mercy! O My Master! Mercy! …

Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 7:52 am