My Wealth, My Health, My Identity? IS A REALITY

Hit the send button by accident. Anyhow, no one tells Ahmad what to do period! So, he would come to me complaining about the woman. I told him, “TELL THAT WOMAN YOU ARE GOING TO BUY THIS BUILDING!!!”

Well? Ahmad laughed. He told me, “with WHAT MONEY? I need 100000 JOD!” and he left! After he left, I thought, “now, why in the world did I tell him such a thing, but! I know this is my building. …”

That was almost 4 years ago. Since then I continuously repeat the same words to Ahmad because of the words that our Father speaks to me on the daily basis about everything that is going on with Ahmad, with you all, with the world, with the present, past, and future, with every minute detail of my daily living.

It is all like a fantasy, but here lately the Spirit has demonstrated to me in the Scriptures that what seems to me and to everybody else that crosses my pass, what seems like a fantasy or crazy ways and sayings of mine are not really fantasies but IT IS HIS REALITY AND OUR SOON TO BE REALIZED DESTINY!

Blow me away, xxx. It is all coming to pass right before our eyes, but we cannot yet see it because nothing that our Father Creator is and is doing is even CLOSE to anything any human could have figured it to be.

I keep hiting the send button but there is more. No one yet has shown any real interest in what I record in the Internet on the daily happenings of my life.

I have thousands of followers, but none committed yet to what the Almighty is compelling me to publish in the NET. Even so? Even Ahmad is now beginning to see and almost mind what I pass on to him that the Almighty reveals to me for the benefit of us all. In other words? Time is telling.

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