My Wealth, My Health, My Identity? IS A REALITY

Ha! No kidding! Things are happening right on cue. I truly feel like a calf released from the stall of my own human fears and doubts and ignorance of my Father and His ways.

  • Once I accepted wholeheartely the fact The Number Twelve stands for Governing Order and Rulership, Your light shone in the haze of my mind, and?

O my Master! Ahmad at the door! He came to work for You! …

What an amazing response to my request to You I did last night! For six hours Ahmad did exactly what I been hoping to be done with the clutter in my kitchen. Wow!

  • Hope—the evidence of things not yet seen.
  • Hoping by the power of Your love and wisdom not by the power of our minds.
  • Only You can instill in us the hope to wait on You with patience and composure.
  • A proven fact now confirmed to me.

Wow! And It All Finding Me On This 7th Day Of Rest! …

Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 7:00 am.

Ha! There is that amazing seven again! Meaning You are doing amazing things on this earth with that number, and?

  • A double zero meaning Your message to this so loved world of Yours is all inclusive with Your plan of salvation by the blood of Yahushua.

What a way to open the human mind to understand this thing about Yahushua …?

No kidding! This thing about Yahushua has been the stumbling block in the human’s journey on these earthly grounds.

Indeed! Enlightenment. You Opened Their Minds…

Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 6:28 am.

O my Master! You are opening my mind to see what I never saw before. What am I talking about now? O my Master? You know it.

  • For such a long time until this exact moment, I been concerned with the doings of most devoted Christians. Why?
  • Because all see everywhere I turn around is the hahaha! Be happy chant against Yahuwhua’s words in the famous Sermont of the Mount.
  • But today You opened my mind with the Scriptures telling if Your people don’t praise You the stones will. Quote:

Luke 24:38-53