Are You Am I Looking For Love And Acceptance?

Are We Ready To Find It? The Aftermath Of COVID-19!

A Prayer Addressed To You My Master …

  • In my distress I came to You. Quote:

You command me not to fear but fear I cannot escape when I see the hopelessness around me.

When my feet and belly are swollen.

When I can’t even eat.

When my bladder is overactive.

When my hair is matted.

When I itch.

When I have no one to help me at these critical moments when I am so dizzy, I can’t even walk.

When I fear to fall down at each step I take to help myself to the bathroom.

How can I not fear something dreadful is wrong with me and around me?


I trust; I believe You;

I believe in You;

I will not despair!

You are my Master, my Loving Shepherd.

Your banner over me, Your banner over my children, including Ahmad, Your banner over all of my concern, AND?

Your banner over Your so loved world is LOVE & PROTECTION. There shall NO EVIL truncate our well-being for one second longer than You allow its attempts to do so.

I thank You for hearing me. I thank You for answering me. You always do. I thank You for the much-needed sleep. And? I drifted into sound sleep. End of prayer.

  • This time I slept until around 10 am.
  • Got up feeling pretty decent.
  • Now? Here I am ready to post this matter aligned to Your will for me to do so with the headline of Your choice. So be it.

When? When I Do Not Know How? I Come To You …

Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 4:53 am.

Life, or what is called life goes on in these earthly grounds. You know it my Master. You know it all because You are The Cause And The Effect Of All.

  • I have nothing to worry about. I am what I am by Your design and purpose not by anything else.
  • No need to explain and defend. At the end? It is all coming to light. But in the meantime? I must live for today not worry about tomorrow.

What Shall It Be Today, My Master? …

Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 6:37 am.