Are You Am I Looking For Love And Acceptance?

That is the amazing truth to set us free from our own selves. Free from all our ideas, concepts, opinions, and diversity of beliefs rampart big time around the world.

O My Master! You Are Not What We Have Made You To Be, But! …

Why have we turned out to be the way we are? Why the rebellion, the pain and suffering, the misery of living even when we cover ourselves in the luxury of laughter?

“O thiaBasilia—O Child Of My Heart? How clear you now have an answer to it all. How clear you see in your own children’s rebellion your past rebellion against Me.

Indeed! O My precious child, that is the meaning of the record of Cain and Abel. Cain’s rebellion and anger were not addressed to his parents as the children do now. Cain’s rebellion and anger were addressed to Me.

It is likewise today, but The children of today lack understanding of who they are and why they are on this earth.

The children of today only know they were born by the will of their mother and father. Thus, they blame their parents for their successes or for their failures.

Their anger or hate as well as their love are addressed to them for bringing them to this world.

In the other hand, if the children are brought up in a religious culture, they learn to worship the religious concept of Me, there you have the ostentatious show of public worship as the children become adults.

Very well, now? Should life deal to any of them a bad deal like the death of a child or the loss of their fortunes? The most ostentious of worshipers quickly abandon their worship and take things into their own hands. They discover the powers hidden in the spiritual realm to overcome such blow by the insights from that spiritual realm.